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Birthday Bios is a tool to let you know what happened on your birth date
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Have you ever thought who all celebrities were born on the same day as you? Or what happened which can be marked in the history on that day? And much more... Now if you were born between January 1st 1900 and December 31st 2005, you can get all those data with a simple tool called Birthday Bios.

Birthday Bios can allow you to create birthday cards with different information, and also to create your business fliers which can be printed or mailed for distribution. Birthday Bios is a highly customizable program wherewith you can also add your selected images, news, information before printing or saving birthday posters in various forms. This tool is free for initial use; however, the full version with all upgrades for life is a paid one. Birthday Bios works with all Windows operating systems including Vista. One can also use this tool as a business and become an entrepreneur oneself by creating data for various birthdays and supply the same to persons who were born on that day. Birthday Bios also supports a buyer with highly useful help.

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  • You can edit data
  • You can add images and logos
  • Business contents can be created
  • Birthday cards can be created


  • Only a few templates available
  • Not stable with 2003 server
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